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Experience chocolate for the first time.

DrinkShogi is
blended from
perfectly roasted

Swiss dark

cocoa and

rich, creamy

cow's milk.

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chocolate milk
will linger on
your tongue
and your mind for
the most elevating
pause in
your day.

Experience the chocolate 

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About Us

I still remember the first time I

had chocolate milk.

I watched my grandmother spoon in the cocoa and swirl it through the cold milk. She lived on a horse ranch so the spoon striking the bottom of the glass in rapid motion sounded like horses trotting. With my first taste, I came alive with happiness and felt anything was possible if something could taste this amazing.

Living in Switzerland, we often found ourselves wandering through alpine meadows with the clanging of cowbells in the air. In the markets, we'd stroll awestruck past long aisles of assorted chocolates and new, creamy dairy selections, and had fun sampling them regularly.

Inspired by our time there and not finding anything as exciting in the States, I aspired to create a chocolate milk that would disrupt the status quo. On a mountain hike over Mt. Timpanogos with my brothers in 2020, a brother challenged me to get it realized.

Twelve months after standing on that mountain, I launched DrinkShogi.

Prost! (Cheers)

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